09 Feb 2019 // pgCenter 0.6.0 released
Have a great news for all pgCenter users - a new version 0.6.0 has been released with new features delivered and other minor improvements.

The major changes are:
- new wait events profiler - a new sub-command which allows to inspect long queries and understand where query spends its time.
- goreleaser support - goreleaser helps to build binary packages for you, so you can find .rpm and .deb packages on the releases page.
- Goreport card A+ status - A+ status is the little step to make code better and corresponding to Golang code style

Also this release includes other minor improvements and fixes:
- report tool has full help list of supported stats, you can at any time get a descriptive explanation of stats provided by pgCenter. Check out the "--describe" flag of "pgcenter report";
- "pgcenter top" now has a fixed and configurable aligning of columns, which make stats viewing more enjoyable (check builtin help for new hotkeys);
- fixed wrong handling of group mask which is used at canceling group of queries or terminating group of backends;
- fixed issue when pgcenter is failed to connect to Postgres with disabled SSL;
- and other minor internal refactoring.

New release is available here. Check it out and have a nice day.