PostgreSQL stats toolbox

pgCenter is an open-source command-line admin tool for working with Postgres stats. pgCenter shows you Postgres activity statistics in convenient way and make observing and troubleshooting much easier.

Postgres provides various activity statistics that include detailed information about its behaviour: connections, statements, database operations, replication, resources usage and more. General purpose of the statistics is to help DBAs to monitor and troubleshoot Postgres. However, these statistics provided in textual form retrieved from SQL functions and views, and Postgres doesn't provide any tools for working with them.
pgCenter's main goal is to help Postgres DBA manage statistics that theу have in their databases and see all the necessary data in convenient format based on builtin stats views and functions.

• Convenient top-like interface with supported sorting and filtering
• System resources usage stats (CPU, memory, storage and network devices)
• Wide range of PostgreSQL activity statistics
• Configuration management functions (viewing, editing of configuration)
• Logfiles functions (viewing and tailing of logfiles)
• Allow to cancel queries and terminate client's connections
• Poor man's monitoring - recording stats into files and building reports
• Run psql directly from pgCenter

About me
I am a Database Administrator at Data Egret. I moved from being Linux system administrator and working with KVM virtualization and monitoring to being a Postgres DBA over five years ago.
Couple of years ago I was working on database optimisation for one of our clients and came to conclusion that working with PostgreSQL stats and multitude of metrics in the default set up can be quite difficult and, at times, confusing. This is how pgCenter was born.
Since then I have been growing this side project and it became a much bigger and more comprehensive tool than I ever planned for it to be.
As much as I enjoy what I do I always leave time for fun stuff - in my free time I enjoy snowboarding, hiking, and more importantly spending time with my family.